Tax Advice

We can answer those tricky questions:
Should our motorvehicle be owned by the company?
If I sell stuff offshore do I need to register for GST?
If we don't know the answer we'll find out.

Minimising Tax

If its legal we'll do it.
Investors in rental properties do not usually get a chattels valuation when they purchase a property. We recommend that they do. The tax saving can be substantial.

Stressed about Tax Owing to the IRD?

If you have lots of tax to pay and its stressing you out the last people you want to talk to are probably the IRD.
Don't worry. Well handle that.
Some of our clients have come to us with large amounts of tax owing to the IRD. After we have finished doing our stuff they have been very happy. We do not often get the debt down to zero but we do get it to a manageable proportions.

Working Offshore?

Many of our clients work offshore.
It comes to a surprise to most people when they are told that tax residents of New Zealand are taxed on worldwide income.
It is important to know if you are a tax resident of New Zealand or not. The rules can be complex, and getting it wrong can be expensive.



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